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Friday, March 7, 2014

Shrek And Donkey

Shrek by ac.amir Donkey by Indirivacua

Special thanks to Indirivacua

I'm back after a few months away from gta iv.

 My Blog has had 2 Million Page Views.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Sunday, February 9, 2014

GTA V Entity XF

GTA V Entity xf for by emad-tvk

Special Thanks To nikita488

 Support all game features+ Include all entity xf extra parts

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Friday, February 7, 2014


GTA V Bodhi ( Trevor's Car) by emad-tvk

Special Thanks To nikita488.

+ Support All Game Features

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GTA V Tailgater(michael's car) by emad-tvk

+ Support All Game Features

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

GTA V Characters New Pack

GTA V Characters New Pack


All credits going to nikita488 and michael de santa( de santa(gtaforums user).These guys helped me alot for making these mods.

Thank you again nikita488

Special Thanks to DmXlite,luxox18,cyb3rzones for my Previous mods.


Trevor V2(Instead of Niko and Ped)

2 different texutres for Skirts(hair_000_u)

Also you can remove Skirts with simple native trainer
(change hair_000_u to hair_001_u)

2 different texutres for legs


Michael V 2(Instead of Niko and Ped)

3 different texutres for pants and shoes.
6 different texutres for leader jacket.


GTA V Franklin v 2(Instead of Niko and Ped)

8 different texutres for Head
16 different texutres for hair(hair_000_u and hair_001_u)
5 different texutres for shoes
4 different texutres for Pants
16 different texutres for T-shirt

I Added original hair and shoes for  Franklin v 1.


Chop(Instead of Niko and Ped)

I was the first one could convert animals to gta iv and this model has better rig and custom walk style animation.
*do not forget to replace walk style anim in anim.img*


GTA V Masks

1-Ape Mask
2-Bone Skull Mask
3-Carnival Mask
4-Carnival Orange Mask
5-Carnival White Mask
6-Green Monster Mask
7-Pig mask and Dark Pig Mask
8-Space Monkey Mask
9-White Hockey Mask

If you replaced all files,you can switch between masks with simple native trainer(suse_000_u.wdr to suse_010_u.wdr)
Otherwise you can add 
All versions are compatible with my previous models from gta v.

If you like my mods,please pay attention to my ads,also you can help with donation.