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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dishonored Corvo Attano

you can remove or add some accessories like mask,hood and hair  with simple native trainer(clothes menu sepial 2 and hair 1&2)

Download(Instead of Niko)


  1. It's a very good mod like as all, i think if we would be give a mark to this things it should be the higher, i thank you to have reply to my request :)

  2. Good Work ...'m glad you came back. Wanted to mention that I did cancel some orders that ... :) This Well (:

    I canceled the request to (Crash and Akuaku) why not want more ... The unique Skin I want Johnny Gat ... What am I waiting too long ...

    Thanks Amir

  3. Wow ! Another awesome model.
    Can I request for Dead or Alive 5 models for niko and peds?

    Thanks amir :)

  4. Amir this is awesome bro I am just reminding I am in dire of need of Daniel Craig from 007 legends you can find the model here
    Thank you and waiting for your other releases.

  5. Coool!as good as before
    May i request the bf3 russian assault class you can pick the model here

    Thanks amir,hope you create this for niko

  6. Hello everybody ...

    I want to speak I'll never make requests

    Just ask one that I'm waiting a long time!

    this well

  7. @piquet gabin,thanks my bro.

    @Gabriel Augusto,ok wait my bro.

    @Xeno Geneiken,very soon.

    @Homyans,i'm working on daniel models ..

    @rezamctavish,very soon my bro.

    @core.max2010,thanks a lot my bro.

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