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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hitman Absolution Pack

i will make more models from Absolution very soon.


                                                          Download(Instead Of Niko)


  1. great work, but i didnt use the legs and shoes, i used nikos formal default ones

  2. Thanks, Amir

    I Love Your Mods

    You Are Working WITH MY REQUEST

    Johnny Gat From Saint Row The Third?

    Good luck Amir

    1. Fucking stop, you fucking retard, what don't you get? Ac.amir has taken a lot of your requests, and you still want more? Fuck you.

      Btw ac.amir, nice work.

  3. Amir, i´m a big fan of your mods, can i ask you a huge favour? If you want, if you don´t want, i understand. Can you make Desmond Miles from AC III, with head compatible with niko's clothes? please, your jobs are the best i've ever seen in my entire life.
    If you make the mod, thank you man.

  4. hello guy, okay with you? then I love your mods you are 10, I have a blog about games and I'm just starting it, and then I was wondering if I could post the link of your mods to my blog? you leave me? hug of your friend NandoIV1111.

  5. Oh that is pretty good, brother Thanks you Amir xD

  6. good...very good my bro........


    1. jorge entra no meu blog e ver meus mods

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    you dude cockiness falls from you like waterfall piece of shit you made a yourself a fine site and your posting other peoples mods and saying that you made it yourself shame on you asshole.
    Amir nice mod love it.
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  8. Good job is very good 10/10
    You can make one character for one man+ssylka on him

  9. @julio orellana,thanks my bro.

    @Gabriel Augusto,ok my bro.

    @Poochable,thansks my bro.

    @JORGE,i did it.

    @TGames,no problem my bro.

    @core.max2010,thansks my bro.

    @Homyans,thanks my bro.

    @Andrew Kuznecov,i try to find this model.

  10. Can you make Sonic the Hedgehog model... There is already one but it looks bad...
    Can you import it to GTA4?
    Here this model,Its size is appropriate for GTA4 :

  11. I've downloaded every single one of your skin mods they're amazing, and don't wanna sound like the other requesters on here, but Jin Kazama from Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in a Formal outfit would be the most fucking awesome shit if you'd do that. I know there should be plenty of models on DeviantArt. People like to do fan shipping with the skins lol. Keep the good work up Amir!

  12. Hi it seems the download does not work 404 file not found after captcha code pls fix. Also do you have a skin of Artyom from Metro Last Light or any of the characters anyways. Good Job on your mods


  13. Hello Aamir I really like with all the mod that you made, I also like this one to download it but I can't redirect to another website. If you can upload on mediafire

  14. Hey, Amir, could you possibly re-upload this one? The site says it's expired.
    I really want this mod because the rest of your mods are nice.

  15. re-upload. link states that the file expired and has been removed. thank you!