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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mafia Tommy Angelo

The Expendables 2 lundgren ped

Mass Effect 3 Shepard new update added

Homefront KPA Military ped fixed

The Expendables 2 Lee Christmas v2

this mod was requested by some friends.

                                                                                             Download(Instead Of Niko)


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  2. this really cool tommy angelo

    you're working with hitman absolution

  3. Outstanding work! Is that the Tommy Angelo from the original Mafia or it's an HD version?
    And did you try to do one of the models i sent you? :P

  4. Can you convert Nick Kang from True Crime Streets Of L.A?
    Sorry,i don't have any model or textures for it...
    If cant make it because you dint find any model or textures,i will understand it.

  5. Oh that is AMAZING, EXCELLENT.... I can´t pay you for lots of perfect players models. They really are like master pieces for me...Thanks You very much my brother God bless you..

  6. GOOD work!!! my hero!!! I was really want it !!!
    Wow~ Thamks a lot!!!! and U kmow i watting 007blood stone and paul walker...
    whatever ac.amir FOREVER!!!!

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  8. I got a problem of jasonstatham new head. I think u uploaded worng file. Texture didn't achieve. And head model have hair!! Please upload again

  9. Great work. Tommy :) can you other mafia the city of lost heaven heads ? or Mafia 2 all greaser Amir ?

  10. Hey, and your x men origins wolverine pack. U didn't uploaded hand_001_r file u know hand with the wolverine's knife.
    So. Please upload again that please
    Last i always understand u and when took a mistake, we alwaaays understand u and Thank u
    U r my god!!!

  11. Wow Pierce brosnan Jason statham shepard lundgren your best mods waiting for fabiana.

  12. Same problem like EziodDAvinci, please fix and upload it again ac.amir... =(

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What are u talking about?? Tell me again please and the name is jason statham.

  14. copies head_u

    the old jason statham

    and put in the new folder jason Stathan

  15. Amir! Could you plz make julliet starling as a player model? Plz~!

  16. @Ac.amir, Someone has ported the models from BF3. If I send you the link will you make them for GTA4 soon?
    Also, I dont know how but every model you release is always 100% better. Keep it up!

  17. Do u mean copies old Jason Statham head_000_r.wdr?
    But old heads Jason Statham don't match with the others niko clothes.
    I mean, the old head has no neck. :(

  18. model head "Jason Statham", Author models V@DO$

  19. takes the clothes jason statham

    and takes sus2_000_u.wdr and sus2_diff_000_a_uni.wtd
    What is the hat!! (Sorry for my english)

    Here is Biel Do Bela
      but only that I made another account on youtube

    hopefully I've helped

  20. Is Their any chance you can make Rocco pelosi from gta the ballad of gay Tony of you can that would be cool

  21. Hi, could you give a link to this skin